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Concierge IT Services, led by Internet veteran Bill Jensen, is a 'hands-on' service provider and Internet troubleshooter.

As our name suggests, we manage a wide range of services from the data center floor to your web presence to your front office phone system. Sole traders to Fortune 500.

With combined experience spanning decades, our team can manage the design, deployment, maintenance and security of all your IT requirements.

Or you can simply consult with us and draw on our talent pool for your business projects, large or small.

We understand that IT is the engine that powers your business while you steer it to growth and profits.

Our cPanel Support Team offers turnkey support plans for service providers and webhosts, offering migration, helpdesk, installs, firewalls, security and training.

Our Categories of


Web / Internet Development / Networking

We design and develop simple and complex websites. We also develop software, from basic applications to large, scalable enterprise solutions. Need an App installed or a Database setup? We are fast and affordable.

We design, build and maintain complex hosting and secure network infrastructure capable of handling billions of hits per day. Our global CDN has massive capacity for content and video delivery.

IP Management Allocations / Configuring / Cleaning

Seasoned professionals can assist your Data Center or Hosting company with IP v4/v6 allocations. Do you have a /20 or /17 and would like the IPs broken down professionally for your company? 20 years of experience in dealing with all facets of IP address management.

We can deal with ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, AFRINIC & LACNIC. Acquisitions and cleanups a specialty.

Emergency Response Services Team on call 24 x 7 x 365

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes and we have experience with most of them. We understand you need to have your server or email or network up and online so we identify and work the problem to quick resolution. From data breaches to Windows server update disasters, we are here when you need rapid response.

Concierge IT Services can assist with hardware failures, file system corruption or hacker mischief plus data recovery and disaster mitigation procedures.

Managed Services Network and Hardware Monitoring

Concierge IT Services include Managed Service plans to ensure that your network and hardware are functioning at optimum levels around the clock. From your Email and Web services to VoIP and Telecoms systems, we can ensure your organization's investment in its IT infrastructure is available on demand and utilized to its maximum potential.

We can provide full 24/7 monitoring of all devices, apps and processes enabling us to detect issues before, or as, they occur.

Software Development

Our team is competent in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, all the C's, LISP and several other languages.

Security Auditing

Software assessment. We find those security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. Explore every attack vector.

Cloud VDN

Live and on-demand global video delivery network with DRM, membership, pay-per-minute & geo-targeting features.

Event Management

Design and delivery of digital multimedia components for events and live productions of all sizes. Conferences to Concerts.

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Concierge IT Services
Manhattan, NY, 10044 , USA

NYC Office: +1 718-913-3001
Fax: +1 347-620-0939

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